Facebook photos of the Pilots in Question

Pilots ‘May Have to Start Drinking During Flights’

The recent exposé by ‘fun-hating’ flight attendants who landed two Canadian pilots in hot water at Glasgow Aiport has caused uproar in the pilot community. Although there has been no official word from the two…


Trams in Edinburgh, looking resplendent

Inquiry into Overbudget Edinburgh Tram Project Goes Wildly Overbudget

The cost of the inquiry into why the Edinburgh Tram Project’s costs spiralled out of control, has spiralled out of control. The not-at-all-short tramway line stretches a commendably worthwhile distance of 8.698 miles between Edinburgh…


Celtic travel to Asia to face FC Astana

European Football: Celtic Draw Team From Asia

Scottish champions Celtic have booked themselves a tie in the UEFA Champions League 3rd Qualifying Round against FC Astana of Kazakhstan. FC Astana scraped through to the 3rd Qualifying Round after putting Lithuanian champions FK…


Golf in Scotland

Scotland is Golf’s Highest Difficulty Setting

Playing in Scotland has been officially confirmed as Golf’s highest difficulty level by the Board of Golf. While always held as the de-facto gold standard of difficult golf in popular discourse, the confirmation, found on…


A traditional Scottish Fry Up is proven to make you happier

Scots Top Table for Quality of Life

While Scotland has been flagging for some time in the life-expectancy tables, a new study reveals that Scotland is top of the table for quality of life. Researchers at the University of Robert Burns completed…