While both sweet and delicious, eating the Galapagos Tortoise is frowned upon

Satirical Website’s Productivity Devastated by Editors’ Jet-Setting Lifestyles

Satirical Website ‘The Haggis Times’ has found its output plunge to record-breaking depths due to the reckless jet-setting lifestyle of its editors, having only managed to report one hard-hitting story in all of September, about…

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A train ignoring commuters at 770MPH, faster than the speed of sound

Workers Forget to Extend Subway During Renovation

Commuters discovered yesterday that those responsible for the latest renovation of the third oldest Subway in the world have again forgotten to extend the subway. Richard Conway, fish monger, told our reporter “I can’t believe…


NHS Chiefs have slammed proposals to make going on holiday easier

The SNP are trying to kill Scots, says NHS

As also reported by the Herald, anonymous health chiefs have warned that the SNP’s nefarious plot to cut airline taxes will kill an untold number of Scots. NHS Health Scotland’s response, to the Scottish Government…