Man Confused by Ejection From DFS After He ‘Just Wanted a Seat’

A man had an incident over sitting down in DFSA man had an incident over sitting down in DFS

William Wright was last week left dazed and confused after he was forcibly ejected from a DFS store in Newcraighall, Edinburgh while “just wanting a seat”.

Mr Wright informed The Haggis Times that he’d become weary after a long time on his feet making sure carpets were OK at CarpetRight, located next door, and aware that DFS is ‘the place to go’ for seating, he popped in to have a rest on an elaborate transforming reclining sofa. To his surprise and dismay, he was told that he couldn’t make use of their seating, which Mr Wright described as “a vast, vast array of seating, far too much for the amount of folk milling about in there, most of which were standing! They could easily support hundreds of tired people, but apparently that’s not ‘store policy’ or something.”

Mr Wright went on to describe his ejection from the store: “I was just sitting there, reading Oor Wullie, when suddenly a security guard came up to me and asked me what I was doing. I politely responded that I was making use of their excellent seating, and then I was told it’s not store policy to allow members of the public to sit in their seating without intention to buy. I ignored him from then on, because I’m not good with eye contact and he had a beard. Ten minutes later, he came back and lifted me under the shoulders and out of the store. I’ve never been so humiliated!”

“They wouldn’t even let me back in, even though I said I did intend to buy a bucket I’d spotted to sit on, which I really did.”

The Haggis Times understands that Mr Wright is currently sleeping rough, at Ikea.


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