Celtic Request Pre-Emptive Fine from UEFA Ahead of Israel Match

An artist's impression of what some have deemed 'potentially provocative'An artist's impression of what some have deemed 'potentially provocative'

Celtic have asked UEFA to start disciplinary proceedings against them ahead of their Champions League play-off tie against Hapoel Beer-Sheva from Israel, as Celtic supporters begin construction of a pro-Palestine pyrotechnic and gymnastic extravaganza that will rival the Olympics opening ceremony.

John Paul O’Malley, spokesperson for Celtic supporters said, “We’re glad the club have agreed that it is best to start proceedings immediately, so that they do not serve as a distraction in between the first and second leg. We’re also proud of the ambitious plans that are tabled. Some folk have been very complimentary in regard to our plans, saying that they might be so provocative that Hapoel may refuse to play, meaning Celtic can progress gloriously into the Champions League group stages by default. Our backup plan if it’s not going well by the second leg is, as ever, to convince them to field some ineligible players.”

European football’s fiercely political administrative body, UEFA, fined Celtic in the past when Palestine flags were spotted amongst their fans. The rationale for enacting punishment for the display of a flag of a country that competes in FIFA and Asian Football Confederation competitions was that it could be construed as “a political symbol” and that flying it at games can be considered an infringement of the association’s regulations, because “the conflict with Israeli forces in the region is still ongoing.”

Dundalk of Ireland, who are looking forward to visiting play-off opponents Legia Warsaw with its famously laid-back fans, were also fined for a nearly identical incident.

There are rumours that Hapoel Beer-Sheva may also request to be pre-emptively fined, as they have signalled intention to fly Israel flags in some quarters of the stadium.




7 Comments on "Celtic Request Pre-Emptive Fine from UEFA Ahead of Israel Match"

  1. a skull and crossbones flag were taken from us getting into the ireland v Italy game in lille as it was classed as political

  2. Israel is not part of Europe so shouldn’t be allowed to play anyway

  3. I totally agree with Zee.

  4. Why are Israel allowed to play in European Football tournaments and other European events such as the European Lacrosse championship? No other country outside Europe is allowed to do so? Time it was stopped.

  5. No-one else will enter into competition with them, so it looks like we are stuck with them!

  6. Lamargo Petersen | 17th August 2016 at 5:06 am | Reply

    Even though I’m pro-Palestine I don’t like the politics brought into the Olympic games.

  7. See is perfecly right.Israhell what the hell have to do with Europe?!? I never understood. Veside are criminal and should not leave this country that they defend jailing kids. Should be banner worldwide…

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