Trainspotting 2 Confirmed as Sequel to The Terminator

Trainspotting 2 confirmed as an alternative sequel to The TerminatorTrainspotting 2 has been confirmed as a sequel to The Terminator in the first teaser trailer for the film

The startling rumours that T2: Trainspotting 2 might be set in the Terminator universe have turned out to be true, after being confirmed in the film’s first teaser trailer.

Director Danny Boyle has been credited with the daring decision to add to the confusion of the Terminator timeline, by introducing Trainspotting 2, referred to as T2 in official promotional material, as an alternative future that follows on from the end of the first Terminator and Trainspotting films, replacing Terminator 2: Judgment Day. It is believed the focus of the film will follow the story of Sarah Connor’s arrival in Edinburgh as she battles a gaseous metal Terminator from the future alongside John’s adoptive father Renton, played by Ewan McGregor. It is thought much of the film will focus on what it means to be human and able to get strung out on heroin, something a cyborg could never do.

However, the move has attracted much criticism from all angles despite the boldness, as it intends to ret-con the Terminator storyline by wiping out the original Terminator 2, which is indisputably the best film ever created. Danny Boyle was heard off-the-record defending the film, commenting that retroactive abortions are what the Terminator series is fundamentally all about. Further criticism has been laid at Danny Boyle’s door as it seems like they have not been able to sign Arnold Schwarzenegger up to the film. Rumours persist that Schwarzenegger is too busy working on a real-life time machine to go back to the 80s to eliminate Donald Trump.


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