Scotland is Golf’s Highest Difficulty Setting

Golf in ScotlandGolf in Scotland can be Challenging, says Golf Handbook

Playing in Scotland has been officially confirmed as Golf’s highest difficulty level by the Board of Golf.

While always held as the de-facto gold standard of difficult golf in popular discourse, the confirmation, found on Page 393 under the heading ‘Golf Difficulty Settings’ in the updated 2016 edition of The Golf Handbook has pleased Scots with questionable handicaps everywhere.

Golf in Scotland

Golf in Scotland can be Challenging

We interviewed Darren Bates at the nearby council course, who commented, “Playing golf in Scotland is analogous to aerobic training in low-oxygen environments, like running marathons in mountain towns. The unpredictable gusts of wind interfering with your ball demand you become an expert in the field of physics known as ballistics, makes you tougher as you endure cold and damp conditions, and mentally resilient as you occasionally have to talk to other people who enjoy golf in Scotland. Once you’re unleashed on a course with nice conditions and weaker-minded players, you just blow the competition away.”

We at The Haggis Times wish Darren the best of luck as he trains in an attempt to make The Open at Carnoustie in 2018.


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